About ARTfront, Inc.

ARTfront, Inc., was founded by a visionary art team in 2007, with a mission to promote visual arts in Brooklyn.  It’s core program involves the development and production of a free monthly art guide, called ‘WAGMAG, a Brooklyn art guide’, designed to unify art institutions in Brooklyn and promote artist’s exhibitions, art activities and events. 

The WAGMAG guide was created by artists for visitors to Brooklyn, tourists and locals to keep up to date on the art in Brooklyn and aid in the discovery of new art venues.  This project also includes a website: wagmag.org that is easy to use and navigate, with current listing information for arts in the communities its serves, maps and recommendations of exhibitions to visit. 

This project is not fee-based for inclusion, and a team of volunteers researches the opening of new venues, current exhibitions on view and updates the community maps. The board of ARTfront Inc, oversees the operations of WAGMAG and maintains its status as an altruistic project whose primary goal is to promote arts in Brooklyn and produce an all inclusive guide to the arts, available at no charge, in print and online.